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The Future of Energy in BC.
Renewable Energy
Most of the energy created in BC is renewable. But is it all clean?
Energy Economics
Climbing energy prices are the reality for many BC residents.
% increase in hydro costs since 2001
% of that increase happened since 2013
% further increases expected over 5 years
Solar Sustainability
You're going to love embracing a greener future.
* Based on a 13kW installation under average conditions
Industry Leading Products
How It Works
Grid-tie solar installations
Engineered for safety
90% of our solar installations start with a component called a Micro Inverter. The purpose of a Micro Inverter is multi-fold and includes; increased system efficiency, accurate per-panel reporting and analysis, and critical safety shut-down features. In the event of an emergency, Micro Inverters communicate with a base station and provide a safe (and automatic) means of disconnecting the system, right at the panels.
Your energy needs first
Your solar installation is producing energy for you to use, so it's only natural that you want to use it. During sunny periods, the system provides clean, renewable, affordable energy to use for washing clothes, charging your car, or any other household energy demands.
Accurate analysis and reporting
Each of our grid-tie solar installations works in concert with the electrical company (with the use of a Smart Meter) to aggregate measurements of your power consumption and production. With mobile apps and the controls at your fingertips, you will never be left in the dark.
Utilize the electrical grid
There is no need for expensive battery banks or charge controllers with grid-tie solar installations. Your excess energy is automatically added to the existing grid, to be used by other people or stored for later use.
Our Process
We firmly believe making the process of acquiring solar technologies as simple as possible and available to as many people as possible are keys to success. Our goal has been to streamline the steps and break down the barriers, so that we can all move forward towards a sustainable future with clean, renewable, affordable, energy.
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Cost of Energy: 12.43 cents per kWh
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