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Electric vehicles are on a trajectory to take over the roads all across Canada and the the rest of the world. As consumers, we've threatened the entire automobile industry to adapt to the change in demand, or be left in the dust to a rapidly expanding market for cleaner and cheaper alternatives to fossil fuels. EV's represent a clear path forward in how we look at transit; clean, renewable, affordable energy powering your commute to work, trips to the grocery store, to the city, or even across the continent, all with zero carbon footprint other than the process of manufacturing. 

We've been busy doing our part to increase the practicality of electric vehicles, installing chargers and charging equipment in homes, apartment buildings, commercial spaces, public facilities, and everywhere our community needs them, and we're proud to see that our local adoption rates of EV technologies is well ahead of the national average. 

Our experience includes products and product lines, thorough and accurate pricing and installation requirements, safety protocols and much more. We're always happy to help our customers grow alongside the EV industry, and every charger counts towards offsetting our global carbon emissions, and taking additional internal combustion engines off the roads.

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