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Energy Storage & Battery Banks

Making use of clean, renewable, affordable energy generated by a PV array or other means, often requires some form of energy storage. Since peak usage and load within your home or business often doesn't correlate with high periods of production, a battery bank or other storage method will help mediate the differences between generation and consumption of energy.

Blue Ion 2.0 Battery Bank
Super high performance
100% discharge capacity
Rapid recharging

In situations such as off-grid energy solutions, battery banks become essential to everyday life. Our team of experts has been building storage solutions tailored to exact needs of each client with an excellent degree of success for years, and will continue to match the needs of each installation to the equipment recommendation for each and every location and use-case.

We design storage systems based on a number of factors:

  • Periods of sunlight and shade (ambient occlusion) at your location
  • Exact system load and equipment requirements
  • Duration between visits (if your location is off-grid)
  • Ideal period of bad-weather buffer
  • Presence of a backup generator with or without Automatic Generator Start modules

Engineering a system to suit your needs is the best method, and we methodically perform site surveys and advanced analysis prior to giving our recommended loadout.

By taking advantage of the forefront of rapidly evolving technologies, our customers have been able to assume the best degree of reliability, performance and other key factors the industry has to offer. Current generation battery banks last longer, work harder, and cost less than ever before.

If you're interested in a complete energy storage solution, we encourage you to give us a call today to book a survey. For more information on off-grid systems design and engineering, please visit our off-grid solar pages linked below, where you can find information specific to the lifestyle you most want to enjoy.

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