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Located on the west coast of British Columbia, we've helped hundreds of Canadian families achieve energy independance, unshackle the chains of power costs, and help to create a better, more sustainable future. Our list of accomplishments in the industry is constantly growing, due to clients like you who want to leave an impact on the future of our environment. All it takes is one phone call to get started with the movement.

We firmly believe making the process of acquiring solar technologies as simple as possible and available to as many people as possible are keys to success. Our goal has been to streamline the steps and break down the barriers, so that we can all move forward towards a sustainable future with clean, renewable, affordable, energy

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Solar, without limitations

Solar is quickly becoming the renewable of choice not just in Canada, but across the world. With a flexible and affordble solar installation, you can enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable, affordable energy in your home, off-grid cabin, apartment or commercial building, and break free from the chains of energy costs.


Solar is among the only truly clean energy sources. Even hydroelectric power has impacts on the environment, impacting wildlife and habitats of certain species of fish, even potentially releasing harmful gasses from the decomposition of organic material in dam reservoirs. Apart from the process of manufacturing, solar poses absolutely no threat to the ecosystem.


Harnessing energy from the sun demands nothing from the planet, has almost no environmental impact, and will continue to produce power for generations to come. Every other form of energy production requires some amount of consumable energy to manufacture, upkeep or maintain.


In today's volatile energy market, the cost of power is increasing year by year. Lock in your energy costs and guarantee savings over the lifetime of your solar install. Combined with savings from select financial institutions, solar is the only power production method guaranteed to save you money.

Maximize your energy efficiency with the Government of Canada's Greener Homes Grant
Solar Industry news
Oct 27
What the Frack Is Happening With Natural Gas Prices?

At the beginning of the pandemic, energy prices crashed. We did an episode of this show trying to figure out how oil prices fell to negative $40 per barrel. Times have changed. Oil is up over $100/barrel. But far more acute is what’s happening with natural gas, particularly in Europe and Asia. In the US, natural gas prices have doubled in the last year. But in parts of Europe, the price has risen more than 5 times. The disruptions are clear. We're seeing stories of power shortages in China, f...

Oct 23
Where Will DOE’s Loan Program Make the Next Climate Tech Investments?

The U.S. Department of Energy is crucial for funding, researching, and testing emerging energy tech. Now, in the Biden era, the agency is orienting itself toward deployment. How difficult is that transition? Our former co-host Jigar Shah joins Stephen, Katherine, and Ed to discuss his experience running the Energy Department’s loan programs office. In March, Jigar left his position at Generate Capital (and this podcast) to head into government service and run the loan programs office. Jigar...

Oct 23
With an Energy Crisis Brewing, No Peak in Sight for Emissions

EIA and IEA are out with projections for emissions and fossil fuel consumption. And they don’t look good.  On our current policy trajectory, there is no peak in sight, according to EIA By 2050, we will likely see a 50% increase in energy consumption. And even though renewables will be the fastest-growing new source of energy, hydrocarbon liquid fuels will meet the majority of demand. That means emissions could rise through 2050, absent massive changes to policy. In July, the International En...

Oct 14
Where Green Hydrogen Is Headed

Suddenly everyone is talking about green hydrogen.  From South Africa to the United Arab Emirates. From China to Utah. Governments and developers are eyeing hydrogen as a decarbonization tool.  But the rush is also raising lots of questions: Where will hydrogen be most useful? How do you create a supply chain to support it? And how can we ensure it has climate integrity? For answers, we turned to two experts who are obsessing over the future of hydrogen: Janice Lin and Stephen Lamm. Janic...

Oct 10
Why TransitTech Is So Vital to Struggling Public Transportation Systems

Ride sharing has swept transportation systems over the last decade -- bringing convenience, but also congestion, inequities, and political fights. Now a new category of transportation networking is emerging: TransitTech. It makes up a class of companies that are using tech to help maximize public transit systems. So what does TransitTech look like post-pandemic? Tiffany Chu joins Katherine and Stephen this week to discuss the path forward for transit. Tiffany is the co-founder and CEO of Rem...

Oct 8
Carbon Recycling: Microbes, Jet Fuel and Leggings

Shayle has been brewing up an investment thesis around how decarbonization will create stratification in traditional commodity sectors, like chemicals and materials. If you can produce the same thing in the same cost range -- but you can do so in a CO2-free or carbon-negative -- you'll reap the rewards. Lanzatech is a great test case for that thesis, as well as a great story to tell about the history of this sector. It was founded in 2005 as a biofuels company. Now, it captures industrial was...

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